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The Earth and the Buddha

The Buddha’s teachings are considered to be a path to freedom in the heart and the mind. And the earth represents delusions and illusions of life.

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This Precious Human Life

Kate Munding shares how we can make the little moments in life become a different experience. That preciousness of human life doesn’t only come with beauty.

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Being a Sacred Warrior in These Tough Times

“I decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear!” said Martin Luther King. James Baraz describes the sacred warrior in these tough times.

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Working With The Judging Mind

James Baraz talks about working with the judging mind on meditation practice. Sometimes the best ones who can perform deep meditation are the worse ones.

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Spiritual Journey

Donald Rothberg leads the spiritual journey meditation towards perfecting mindfulness. To look deeply to oneself takes more courage than the soldier on the battlefield.

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Positive Future

Envision your purpose by a guided meditation positive future by Sean Fargo. This is a chance to connect within the place inside us toward a life of meaning.

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