Allow your body and mind to drift into complete and total rest; letting go of any visuals in your mind’s eye as you do the sleep appreciation meditation.

This sleep meditation guides us into a state of deep rest and release as we prepare for a solid night’s slumber. It invites us to tune into the breath, to allow ourselves to drift, and to harness appreciation for this opportunity to rest deeply. When we are having difficulties falling asleep, this sleep appreciation meditation can help us to tune back into the present moment as we ease both mind and body in preparation for rest.

Sleep Appreciation - The Gift of Rest

Granting ourselves the time we require to rest and rejuvenate is essential to living a balanced, healthy life. When we aren’t sleeping well, our energy levels drops and we may find ourselves more susceptible to the effects of stress. Sleep plays a huge role in balancing our hormones, so ensuring that we get enough of it is incredibly important to our well-being on so many levels.

How Mindfulness Improves Sleep

Mindfulness helps to improve our sleep quality in numerous ways. It encourages us to surrender and to embrace life’s flow, it eases any experience we may have of stress and anxiety, and it helps to bring the body into a physical state of relaxation. For a more comprehensive look into how mindfulness is involved with sleep, check out our comprehensive guide, inclusive of 10 mindfulness exercises for sleep.

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