Sharing Gratitude – Meditation

Feel the gratitude growing and becoming brighter and brighter with each beat of your heart as you do the sharing gratitude meditation.

In this meditation on sharing gratitude, we are guided to open the heart and direct our loving energy to others in our life. This practice helps us to foster gratitude, connection, and compassion, reaffirming the truth that we are all inextricably interconnected – that we are all made of the same thing.

The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude helps us to become more present, increasing our ability to accept the true nature of reality and the form it takes in any given moment. Gratitude practice can improve our mood, decrease stress and anxiety, increase our generosity, and improve our relationships with friends and family. When we are able to harness internal appreciation for all that we have, our mindset shifts from what it once was. We find ourselves in greater harmony with the world – both inner and outer.

Another Practice for Sharing Gratitude

In addition to this meditation, another way that you can share gratitude requires a pen, a piece of paper, and about ten minutes of your time. Once you’ve gathered what you need, take a few moments to bring to mind someone you are grateful for. Consider all of the beautiful qualities this person exhibits and begin to pen a letter to this individual, expressing all the reasons that you are thankful for their presence. Once you’ve completed this exercise, deliver this message to them by hand or in the mail, witnessing how love and compassion bloom through this mindful act of kindness.

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