Self-inquiry A is part of FitMind Meditation Program. It helps us get to know ourselves better and begin to shed unhelpful stories that the mind constructs.

Self-Inquiry A: How do you learn about yourself?

Our society is suffering from a distraction crisis right now, which is really a crisis in introspection. Even those moments in line at Starbucks or on the toilet, previously alone with our thoughts, perhaps even full of reflection, have become inundated with notifications and instantly-gratifying entertainments.

A quick hit of dopamine, the same pleasure chemical produced by smoking a cigarette, is readily available in the palms of our hands whenever we want to flip on our phones.

We can use psychology and neuroscience to observe our mental programs from the outside in, but a true understanding of the mind must include careful observation from the inside as well, observing our own thoughts, emotions and experiences as they play out. And therein lies tremendous potential to improve our wellbeing and happiness.

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