Jack Kornfield references to the “I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King. That there is freedom in spirit and heart that leads to redemption.

Stories and Insights on Redemption

In this talk on redemption, Jack Kornfield shares insights that show us we are not limited by what happens to us or by who we believe ourselves to be. There is always a possibility for us to move through our experiences and self-imposed limitations with dignity and grace by connecting with the freedom that lives in heart and spirit. He sheds light on ideas and stories of redemption in various traditions, such as those found in the Buddhist tradition, and explains that when we become still (such as in meditation practice) we move away from the self-judgment and self-criticism that keep us feeling limited. Kornfield also sheds light on the difficult though healing practice of restorative justice that brings together those who have committed terrible crimes and their victims. 

Meditation and Redemption

Kornfield shares from the Buddhist texts: “If you bring a lamp into a dark place, it does not matter if it’s been dark for a day or for one hundred years, it will be illuminated.” This is the power of meditation and mindfulness practice. Through paying compassion attention to what moves within us, we reconnect with the wisdom that lives in heart and spirit. Meditation practice quiets the mind and allows ourselves to internally reach redemption naturally and completely.

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