This FitMind Meditation program is about Just Being. Our human psychology permits you two ways of living: Doing Mode and Being Mode.

Just Being: The Art of Deep Living

Let’s say there are two methods of fishing. You can race a speedboat across the surface of an ocean, dragging along a net to catch the minnows that dart around the surface. Alternatively, you might cast a line into the murky depths where the juiciest fish live, patiently waiting for the larger prey that requires expertise to catch.

Which do you prefer?

Our human psychology permits you two ways of living: Doing Mode and Being Mode. Either you spend your days on the surface, racing from task to task (Doing Mode), or you become deeply absorbed in your surroundings (Being Mode).

The parallel with meditation is that you train yourself to come into Being Mode on command, beginning to notice and appreciate more in each situation. Being Mode is both intrinsically and extrinsically rewarding: you’re able to fully appreciate the activity and you also get the bigger fish.

You might say, well sometimes I am being and sometimes I am doing. But how you approach one thing often dictates how you approach other aspects of life.

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