Glimpse is a new technique that might be quite interesting for some people. This so-called Glimpse practice can take some time and patience.

Glimpse and Paying with Attention

Attention is a limited resource, so pay attention to where you pay attention. – Howard Rheingold

We are living in an attention economy. The most valuable commodity in today’s economy is our constantly divided, app-distracted and seemingly arbitrary attention. Celebrities make so much money for this very reason: they are able to predictably capture attention and exert influence.

For millions of years we had very limited external stimuli compared to the ads that inundate our lives today. The brain has not been able to evolve quickly enough to truly grasp the difference between those pixels on the screen and a living human being. This creates a physiology-environment mismatch.

Companies are tapping into this hardwired, insatiable desire for content and novelty in order to influence purchasing decisions. Tech giants like Facebook and Google make almost all of their money off of advertising that is predicated on being able to capture our attention. In some sense, these firms are hacking our primal instincts.

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