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Get 70% Off Our Complete Mindfulness Toolkit

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Get all our best mindfulness training downloads in one bundle!

Enhance mindfulness in the most clear and simple way possible with our:

  • 14-Day Introduction to Mindfulness course
  • 9-Video Mindfulness of Eating Course
  • 16-Video Living with Gratitude Course
  • Mindful Life eBook with life design blueprint
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners eBook
  • Finding Me: A Journey to Get to Know Yourself eBook
  • BONUS: Over 300 Mindfulness Worksheets!!!

1000+ Customers Love This. You'll Love This, Too.

"I've purchased the toolkit, and am very happy about it. Sean's voice is amazing for meditations, clicked with me from the first seconds. And lots of wonderful materials for a great price. I appreciate all you're doing guys, best of luck!!!"

Julia Janesa Bahvalova

Julia Janesa

“Since the pandemic I lead weekly meditations for my job and my community. The scripts and toolkit have increased my confidence to lead meditations and to have a variety of options. This helps me avoid using the same scripts from week to week.”

Kenya Casey

Kenya Casey

“My clients enjoy the worksheets and it really impacts their therapeutic outcomes. My clients and I have learned a deeper and more thorough understanding of what mindfulness is, the components of it, the practices, etc. These also help support creating a consistent mindfulness practice with my clients.”

Jessica Waters

“Mindfulness as a subject is vast and can be overwhelming. The scripts and worksheets made it easier for me to navigate this important and necessary topic. My clients and students have learned to breathe mindfully, and a way of reflection and journaling that was a game-changer.”

Bettie Spruill

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