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SAVE $700 When You Add My Brandable Mindfulness Curriculum to Your Order

These 10 "done for you" mindfulness classes took 6 MONTHS to create — but you can put YOUR NAME on them and start using them with your clients TODAY! 

Brandable Mindfulness Curriculum

  • Stand out from the other teachers in your space
  • Add more services to your existing offerings
  • Create faster, deeper breakthroughs with clients
  • Increase your credibility as a mindfulness teacher
  • Boost your earning potential

Normally $997 Today just $297

Get Ready to Instantly Upgrade Your...


When you pull out this beautiful (and highly effective) mindfulness curriculum, your clients will immediately perceive you as a competent teacher. They will stay with you longer and refer you to their friends — making it much easier for you to MAKE A NAME FOR YOURSELF.


Imagine always knowing exactly what to say and do at every moment — and your teachings making a profound impact in your student's lives. When this happens you will quickly increase your BELIEF IN YOUR OWN ABILITIES as a real mindfulness and meditation teacher.


Many people wait to start teaching meditation until their program is set up just right... and so they have to invest a lot of time before they start earning money. With my "plug and play" curriculum, you can increase your earning potential by charging for classes RIGHT AWAY.

You'll Love This Curriculum Because It's...

Done for You

My curriculum is 100% polished and complete, so you won’t have to go through the grueling, 250+ hour process of doing it yourself.


No ego here... Every piece of content is customizable with your businesses branding so you can make it look like you created it!

Highly Effective

These sessions work wonders for people because they're based on ancient monk wisdom and modern research on mindfulness.


This curriculum works for in-person teaching, as well as online teaching. It’s also effective for teaching individuals or groups.

Easy to Use

You'll know exactly what you need to do and say at every moment to give your students the best possible learning experience.

For Adults

Each session has its own unique curriculum with age-appropriate presentations, workbooks, and exercises.

Here's How it Works:

The Adult Version of the Curriculum Comes With...

10 Brandable Presentations

(Click the image above to make it larger.)

1 for each of the 10 sessions — they can be used for classroom learning, webinars, and even one-on-one instruction.

Every aspect of these presentations are 100% customizable with your business name, logo, and branding!

10 Brandable Student Workbooks

(Click the image above to make it larger.)

1 for each of the 10 sessions — give these to your students to help them stay engaged, motivated, and involved in the sessions.

Every aspect of these workbooks are 100% customizable with your business name, logo, and branding!

10 Teaching Guidebooks

Mindfulness Teaching Guidebooks

(Click the image above to make it larger.)

1 for each of the 10 sessions — Provides you with crucial guidance and detailed step-by-step instructions for leading the 10 sessions.

Mindfulness Teaching Guidebooks

(Click the image above to make it larger.)

Notice the level of detailed guidance you get here. Each presentation slide is broken down into its own step, so you know exactly what to do at every point.

A Teacher Guidebook

(Click the image above to make it larger.)

This 30-page book reveals everything you need to know about teaching these sessions — including how to market yourself and grow your business!

Ten 90-minute sessions give you a total of 900 minutes of mindfulness and meditation material you can start teaching... TODAY!

The 10 ADULT Sessions

  • Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Session 2: Mindfulness of the Body
  • Session 3: Mindfulness of Emotions
  • Session 4: Being With What’s Difficult
  • Session 5: Loving Kindness & Compassion
  • Session 6: Communication & Leadership
  • Session 7: Resilience
  • Session 8: Mindfulness for Anxiety
  • Session 9: Mindfulness for Work & Career
  • Session 10: Moving Forward Mindfully

See How Easy It is to Customize My Curriculum with Your Info...

I want you and your company to get all the credit for this highly-effective curriculum, so you can build your reputation, grow your practice, thrive as a mindfulness and meditation teacher, and help as many people as you can. 

This is why you have my permission to put YOUR name, YOUR logo, and YOUR brand on all of the Curriculum materials.

Feel free to modify the curriculum however it will best suit you and your clients, students, or patients!

Normally $997 Today just $297

ACT NOW and You'll Also Get These 4 Very Valuable Bonuses...



(Click the image above to make it larger.)

Having a comprehensive 10-Week, Brandable Curriculum is an amazing tool for any mindfulness and meditation teacher...

But you ALSO need additional skills to be a great teacher — including..

  • a full understanding of modern classroom dynamics
  • the ability to handle conflict when it arises
  • how to guide people when they experience difficult emotions
  • so much more!

This is everything I WISH somebody had shared with me when I started teaching this information.

A $297 value — yours FREE!



How to Guide Mindfulness Meditations for Well-Being and Resilience

This is an entire online course — 6 in-depth videos and an accompanying ebook — that will teach you how to lead meditations with integrity, confidence and impact...

  • How to help students who are worried about having no experience with meditation.
  • The 3 elements needed to skillfully and successfully guide a group through meditation and mindfulness practice.
  • How to skillfully handle common questions, objections (and even misunderstandings) that you will encounter as a mindfulness teacher.
  • The 2 most important components of any mindfulness practice.
  • Every teacher gums of the process with their subconscious biases and expectations — here's how to release yours effectively...
  • 3 powerful attitudes that create more space, openness, and presence in your sessions.
  • Questions and prompts you can use with students to help them notice their experience more.
  • The #1 practice that separates new meditation teachers from the advanced ones — and how to cultivate more of it in your sessions.
  • Languaging mistakes that can unintentionally create resistance in the hearts of your students — and exactly what to say instead.
  • And so much more!

A $347 value — yours FREE!



200 Guided Meditation Scripts

In addition to having a 10-Session, Brandable Curriculum, you could also have 200 guided meditation scripts (in 12 different categories) that you can immediately start using to help your clients, students, or patients...

  • Compassion, Love, & Forgiveness
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Relaxation, Happiness, & Acceptance
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness of Emotions & Thoughts
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep
  • Leadership, Confidence, Focus, & Energy
  • Sensory, Body Scan, & Movement
  • Family, Kids, & Relationships
  • Addiction, Trauma, & Healing
  • Consciousness, Higher Self, & Wisdom

A $134 value — yours FREE!



300 Mindfulness Worksheets

Your clients, students, or patients are going to love these valuable worksheets that cover essential aspects of life, including...

  • Career
  • Emotions
  • Family
  • Health
  • Mindfulness
  • Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Self-Discovery 

These are great for "homework" assignments between sessions!

You can email the worksheet PDF and they can fill them out on their device — or print the worksheet and have them fill them out with a pen. Whatever works best!

A $134 value — yours FREE!





As the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, it’s my goal to ensure you get the best experience with my curriculum.

Please know that if you need any kind of support with these materials that you can always email me — or we can schedule a call if that's better for you.

I'd love to hear from you and help you in any way I can. Thank you!

Normally $997 Today just $297

Practitioners Love What My Branded Curriculum Has Done For Their Practice

Normally $997 Today just $297

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really put my name, brand and logo on everything in the Curriculum?

Yes. I designed these materials to be white-labeled, meaning they are all written, designed, and produced for you already, but you get to put YOUR name, brand, company name, and logo on them so you can use them to establish a professional reputation in this field INSTANTLY.

Can I put my name, brand and logo on the 200 Guided Meditation Scripts and 300 Mindfulness Worksheets?

No, unfortunately, the 200 Guided Meditation Scripts and the 300 Mindfulness Worksheets are NOT brandable. There are two things you CANNOT do with the 200 Guided Meditation Scripts and the 300 Mindfulness Worksheets, and those are: rebrand them or resell them as they are.

But, you CAN do a lot of other great stuff with them. With the 200 Guided Meditation Scripts, you can read them aloud for individuals or groups, you can use them to make audio and video recordings, you can share those recordings online, you can play them during meditation sessions you are leading, and you can sell those recordings too. You can also edit the language or modify the scripts however you like for the sake of guiding people in your own voice and in a way that feels comfortable to you. 

With the 300 Mindfulness Worksheets, you can download them, print them out, give them to your clients, students, or patients so they can write their answers and reflections on the printouts with pen or pencil. You can also give them to your clients, students, or patients as digital PDF files and they can type their answers or reflections directly into the PDF files, and then save them after they make their entries. You can use the worksheets as opt-ins, giveaways, and/or post them on your website, and you can use them as inspiration to create your own worksheets.

Again, the only things you can’t do with the 200 Guided Meditation Scripts and the 300 Mindfulness Worksheets is resell them as they are and rebrand them.

What is the refund policy?

Given the brandable nature of this product, all sales are final. Once you purchase the curriculum, you can customize and use it anytime going forward. As a result of this unique feature, we do not offer any refunds on this product.

Can this program help me to start earning money right away as a mindfulness and meditation teacher?

Yes, it can. One of the hardest and most time-consuming parts of becoming a mindfulness and meditation teacher is creating a curriculum that you can use with clients, students, or patients... and lots of teachers will wait until they’ve completed a curriculum to go out and start finding clients and earning money. But, you have a rare opportunity right here, right now — you can just download my Curriculum(s), put your name, logo, and brand on them, and start using them RIGHT NOW, which can help you start earning money... RIGHT NOW. There’s no reason to spend months or years designing and developing your own curriculum... you can just rebrand mine and start using it now... and start earning money now!

Do these Curriculums work for teaching in-person and teaching online, remotely? Do they work for teaching individuals as well as groups?

Yes, both of these Curriculums work equally well for teaching in-person and online, and they work just as well for teaching individuals and groups.

Do you provide scholarships or financial aid for people in need?

We want as many people to have access to these Curriculums and materials as possible, so yes, we do provide financial support for those who need it. If you’d like to request financial aid for this, please email us at support@MindfulnessExercises.com and we’ll do everything we can to try to help.

Are these Curriculums and other materials Buddhist or religious?

No, these Curriculums and all the other materials included are not Buddhist, religious, or dogmatic at all. They all utilize secular, evidence-based methods that are designed to enhance nonjudgmental, moment-to-moment awareness of experience.

After I order, how soon do I get access to everything?

This program is 100% digital, which means you can download and use everything immediately after you place your order.

Can I download everything to my computer? Will everything work on my computer, my mobile device, and my tablet?

Yes, right after you order, you can immediately access the Curriculum(s) and all the bonuses, and you can download everything onto your computer. And since these are PDF files, they will work with any kind of computer, and any kind of mobile device or tablet.

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Normally $997 Today just $297

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