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An Exclusive Bundle Focused on Helping Professionals to Enhance Their Mindfulness Abilities and Boost Their Confidence.

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For Practitioners

Expand your knowledge and increase the benefits you receive from your practices.

300 Mindfulness Worksheets

The Worksheets can be used as a roadmap to give you a better understanding of what needs to be done for you to better guide the participants of a particular session--like meditations, for example-- to achieve the best possible results.

These worksheets use evidence-based techniques and methods for increasing mindfulness, while decreasing stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

You will find a wide variety of subjects covered in these worksheets, such as: Career, Emotions, Family, Health, Meditation, Mindfulness, Purpose, Relationship, and Self-Discovery. These 300 worksheets have been shown to significantly enhance the quality of mindfulness in thousands of people from all walks of life, all around the world.

Connect Community

Connect is your new mindfulness and meditation community.
Connect is an online community designed specifically for mindfulness and meditation practitioners and teachers of all skills and experience levels.

It’s like a social media platform but focused on the discussion and learning of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Professionals find in Connect the perfect place to master their craft, share their experiences with thousands of people who share the same interests as you, and learn from a variety of activities, such as: Live Meditations and Events, Private Cohorts, Courses, Challenges, Inspiration Discussion Forums, Real-Time Chats and much more.

Mindfulness at Work

78 “Bite-Sized” Mindfulness Boosters for Businesspeople and professionals that can help you improve your decision-making, inspire your creativity, help you build strong relationships, and dramatically increase your results and performance at work.

Learn how to handle some of the most common workplace biases, as well as how to develop, increase, and improve your mindfulness at work.

Whether you lead teams or work in a challenging corporate environment, Mindfulness at Work is perfect for you.

If you're serious about making a positive impact on more people's lives, growing your business, or even helping yourself to better cope with your own struggles, now is your chance.

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Disclaimer: This offer will be removed from the Internet on November 26, probably never to be seen again.

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