Answering the Deep Question of Existence

In this recording, Neale Donald Walsch takes a deep dive into one of the most common existential questions we might ask. That is, “What is the purpose?” If we’re not the body, and we’re not the mind, then what are we?

Conversations with God

In this recording, Neale Donald Walsch reflects upon a conversation he had with God. He asked God, “Who am I?” and the response was this:

“The difficulty here, Neale, is that you are convinced that you and I are separate. That you are something other than me. Only when you’re clear that you are nothing other than me will you understand that I don’t have your answer. You have your answer.”

So often we define ourselves by our thoughts, by our opinions, and by what happens in the world around us. However, when we take all of that away, we might uncover a deeper understanding of who we really are.

“You exist in your present form that I might know myself through you – and through all of life.”

Deep Questions to Ask

Understanding life in a new way isn’t really about getting the right answers; it is about asking the right questions. In fact, there aren’t really any bad questions, though some can guide us deeper into our quest for understanding what this life is all about. Often, these are considered to be existential questions.

If you are interested in deep or existential questions to ask the universe, you might consider:

  • Who am I without the labels and roles I assign to myself?
  • Who is it that feels, that witnesses, that interacts with the world?
  • What is my greater purpose in life?
  • What is my true nature?

In addition to the work of Neale Donald Walsch, Alan Watts provides thought-provoking questions and reflections in his many recordings. To listen to his words, you might consider some of the following:

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