All About Love by Spring Washam:

..and especially meta practice. In this idea of friendliness, they’re always cultivating. You know, sometimes because people can get very intellectual with Buddhism. It’s kind of one of my biggest things that, you know, I was.. would go back to the basic. You know, like, sitting on the earth with a warm heart.

Like, focus on that. You know, and I know we can get fancy, and get all,.. in some way get different concepts and ideas. But really, I think that’s the basic premise. A friend of mine was ___ the ___ and ___, and she was going to a teaching, and she was having an electronic device that was all these people, many different languages, you know, there was a translated, like, little headset. You know, and it wasn’t really working.

And so, it was kind of hours and hours of what, you know, basically talking, listening to… what’s going out. And then there was another woman saying next to her, and my friend looks towards her, and said, “Do you know what she’s talking about?” And she said, no, all I really guide. You know, I’ve been staying here for hours. You know, it was something about… just have a warm heart. Yeah. I think that’s it. That’s the idea. And they were like, okay, we can work on that.

So, it is really hard to do though, I’ve seen. Right? Because we need hours and hours and hours of conversation of how to have a warm heart. Okay. I say. How to get into our way, what does that mean, what does it mean to be kind. You know, it’s like this epic thing that we had to figure out and I really get that. It’s just the way of it, but these practices here that that we’re offering here, especially the Brahma Vihara’s, with these four qualities that you hear about a lot when you come to Spirit Rock—friendliness, meta, right?

Loving kindness, and then ___, and this compassion, and then we have equanimity, ___ way. All these qualities have heart and mind, and the Brahma Viharas are referred to as mind-liberating practices. They beautify the mind. And it’s something that a part of what we’re doing here. ___ is a word that means mind training, and that’s what really is the heart of the Dharma is.

It’s taking the mind and it’s training it to see the truth. It’s like putting the mind in the washing machine, scrubbing all the dirt and all the debri, the junk. You know, people from retreat after, reports that it’s like the first few days, it’s like junk coming out. You know, imagine like a garden, that you haven’t been out in to a long time, you go out in your backyard, you haven’t looked in there for two years or something, you know ___, looking through there, Coke bottles, and you know. That kind of held our mind is.

I mean, did anyone notice that when they’re meditating? All that come ___. Right? From all beings everyway. No, for most of the times, we struggle. ___.

So, these practices offer us a real way by the most hopeful aspect of humanity, right? Loving compassion are necessities, without them, humanity can’t survive. That’s why today, when we’re having conversation, we were like, how do we reframe this conversation now about global warming, and climate change, or how do we reframe what’s happening?

So, these practices are healing energies, too, of compassion and friendliness, and ___ and equanimity. And I’ve spoken about an ___ canon again and again and again. They’re on the top list of everything. Especially loving kindness. From the ___, to the Brahma Vihara, it’s one of the five powers, you know, it’s like on and on, and on. It’s like all these have ___ that’s pointing. This warm heartedness, this friendliness.

So, we practice that, we practice that, because it’s some, not our natural tendency actually. You know, one of the things that I always find so inspiring about the Dharma when I was very young that I always practice, was that, it was this idea that we are already perfect, but we forgotten. ___ inspiring. It was like, you don’t have to go manifesting these energies. They’re already in you.

If you got uncovering them. It’s like you have this jewel, jewel in the ____. But there’s layers of covering, there’s layers and layers of, you know—our trauma, our stress, our delusion. It’s like covering this beauty, right? And so the process of meditation is unraveling, always unraveling, it’s like we’re cleaning it, we’re cleaning it, we’re cleaning it. And then, the truth is revealed, the beauty is revealed.

It’s interesting as I was listening to this ___, and he was saying, when the eagle has basically died, what’s left is tremendous warmth. And then, natural action of actions coming from loving compassion.

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