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A Break for Self-Compassion

This practice is called the self-compassion break, and it’s something you can do any time during the day or at night when you need a little self-compassion.

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This practice is called
the self-compassion break,
and it’s something you can do
anytime during the day
or at night
when you need
a little self-compassion.

So to practice this exercise,
we actually need to call up
a little suffering.
So I’d invite you to think about
a situation in your life right now
that is difficult for you.
Maybe you’re feeling stressed
or you’re having a relationship problem
or you’re worried about something
that might happen.
I’d invite you to think of
something that is difficult
but not overwhelmingly difficult,
especially if you’re new to
practicing the self-compassion break.
So finding a situation
and getting in touch with it,
what’s going on,
what happened
or what might happen,
who said what,
really bring the situation to life
in your mind’s eye.
And then I’m going to
be saying a series of phrases
that are designed to help us

remember the three components of self-compassion

when we need it most.
So the first phrase is
this is a moment of suffering,

We’re bringing mindful awareness to
the fact that suffering is present,
and I’d invite you to find
some language that speaks to you,
something like this is really hard right now
or I’m really struggling.
We’re actually turning
toward our difficulty,
acknowledging it,
naming it.
This is a moment of suffering.

The second phrase is
suffering is a part of life.

A Break for Self-Compassion

We’re reminding ourselves
of our common humanity.
Suffering is a part of life.
And again,
finding language that speaks to you,
it may be something like
it’s not abnormal to feel this way.
Many people are
going through similar situations.
The degree of suffering may be different,
the flavor of suffering may be different,
but suffering is a part of life,
part of being human.

And then the third phrase is
may I be kind to
myself in this moment?
And to support bringing
kindness to yourself,
I’d invite you to perhaps put
your hands over your heart
or some other place on your body
that feels soothing and comforting,
feeling the warmth of your hands,
the gentle touch,
letting those feelings of care
stream through your fingers.
May I be kind to myself?

And using any language
that supports that sense of kindness,
perhaps language you would use
with a good friend
you cared about
who was going through
a very similar situation,
you know?
It may be something like
I’m here for you.
It’s going to be okay.
I care about you.
You can even try
using a diminutive
if that feels comfortable,
you know?
I’m so sorry.
Or you can try
calling yourself by your first name,
anything that feels natural
to express your deep wish
that you be well,
and happy,
and free from suffering.

And then letting go
of the practice
and noticing how your body feels right now,
allowing any sensations to be
just as they are,
allowing yourself to be


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