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A personalized, efficient way to certify.

After years of feeling unfulfilled and burned out, I found well-being, resilience and purpose with mindfulness meditation.

I devoted my life to mindfulness by becoming a Buddhist monk for two years and assisting the world's best mindfulness teachers at Spirit Rock Meditation Center for 5 years.

Wanting to help others, I tried to teach mindfulness to companies, coaching clients, schools, yoga studios and healthcare programs, but they all required one thing: CERTIFICATION. 

To certify, I had to spend more than $7,000, be taught in impersonal group settings, fly somewhere for several days at a time, and/or agree to teach a strictly regimented curriculum (ie: MBSR, SIYLI, etc.) that I could not adapt for the people who I wanted to help.  

Why was it so difficult to certify to teach mindfulness? 

I set out on a mission to create the world's first mindfulness teacher certification program that was affordable, efficient and adaptable to each person's goals.

And now, here it is. 

This Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program has already helped more than 350 people to deepen their own mindfulness practice, learn how to share evidence-based mindfulness practices with others, and make a bigger impact in people's lives.

Finally, a simple way to certify to teach mindfulness meditation. 

The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program

mindfulness meditation teacher training

"Sean is the most thoughtful, courageous and inclusive teacher I have had in a long time.

If you want to start your mindfulness journey in a simple, practical and meaningful way, I recommend speaking with Sean and you will be amazed at the impact he will have on you. 

His passion to contribute to others learning and development is contagious. I admire his client centric and tailored approach which accelerated my mindfulness journey."

hasan rafiq

Hasan Rafiq

Diversity C.O.O. for Facebook

What You Get

Personalized 1-to-1 Training

Receive up to 5 hours of personalized 1-to-1 training sessions with Sean Fargo via phone, Skype or Zoom. Your 1-hour sessions will be completely personalized for your mindfulness experience and teaching goals. Use Sean's online scheduling system to find times that work best for you. Go at your own pace without deadlines or pressure. 

Mindfulness Teaching Templates & Resources

Instantly download complete mindfulness trainings, guided meditation scripts, mindfulness worksheets, quizzes, assessment forms, research papers, infographics and PowerPoint presentations that you can use to teach others quickly and effectively.

Mindfulness Teacher Community

Connect with our private online community of more than 300 mindfulness teacher-trainees and certified mindfulness teachers around the world. Share your questions, highlights, insights and inspiring resources. Gain lifetime access with your registration. 

International Accreditation

This certification program is internationally accredited by The Continuing Professional Development Certification Service, a fully-recognized governing body in London that scrutinized this program for months to ensure integrity and quality. No yearly renewal fees are required to maintain your certification.

mindfulness for companies

Sean helped me develop a mindful leadership training program specifically tailored to our culture here at TESLA.

I couldn’t be more grateful.

Sean really embodies what he teaches.

Levi Bersola -

mindfulness teaching certification

I could not be happier with this program. I found the flexible training format was very easy to fit in to my busy lifestyle. The content of the teachings were very thorough and inspired just enough self-directed motivation to enable a balanced learning environment. Your support and continual assistance always left me feeling secure and in good hands.

Scott Allerton -
Clinical Hypnotherapist

mindfulness meditation teacher training program

My online course, The Mindful Bride, progressed extensively as I moved through the Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program. 

I greatly appreciated Sean's wisdom to help everything come together. His support to my ideas provided a strong foundation for me to manifest the course and my business.

Tara Buhagiar -
The Mindful Bride

  • 1
    Go At Your Own Pace: You can complete your mindfulness practices and requisites at your own pace from anywhere in the world. No deadliness or pressures. Pause anytime. You can schedule your personalized trainings anytime that work well for you. Most people certify in 3-6 months, but it's personally up to you.  
  • 2
    Deepen Your Own Practice: Learn the appropriate practices, approaches and reflections that will help take your experiential understanding of mindfulness to the next level, in both formal meditation and in daily life
  • 3
    Increase Your Confidence: Gently disarm your inner critic with mindful self-care and renewed focus on alleviating people's struggles. Teach in ways that are clear, accessible and caringGround in your body and speak from your compassionate heart.
  • 4
    Teach Clearly & Accessibly: Use language that is clear and accessible to your audience, while also conveying spaciousness. Learn approaches for providing effective, insightful and safe meditation experiences for the people who you want to help. 
  • 5
    Focus On Experience - Not Theory: Support participants to notice and describe the different elements of their own direct experience without judgment. Using a range of approaches, enhance people's ability to open their own experience with care and compassion.
  • 6
    Make A Bigger Impact: Teach mindfulness (ie: class series, coaching program, workshop, online class, presentation, etc.) in a way that utilizes your strengths, passions and goals. Develop the tools and techniques for gaining new clients, students or participants. 

To Certify: Record 40 Hours Of Self-Paced Growth

20 Hours of Personal Practice

On your own time and at your own pace, self-record 20 total hours of personal mindfulness practice. Strengthen 4-5 mindfulness techniques that we will review together in detail.

We will enhance your experiential understanding of several foundational mindfulness techniques that are most relevant to your growth as a mindfulness teacher and for your professional niche.

We will review your progress, find new areas of growth, and help you to share the practices and relevant concepts with others in the medium that you feel most comfortable with.

10 Hours of Reflective Reading

We will choose 1 or 2 mindfulness books together based on relevancy to your mindfulness teaching goals and chosen demographic.

Read or listen to the books for a total of 10 hours on your own time and at your own pace, self-recording your time as you go.

Pause frequently to journal or verbally summarize what you’ve read, reflecting upon on your own experiences, ideas, questions and metaphors.

We will review how to use the knowledge you’ve gained to further your mindfulness teaching goals and success as a certified mindfulness teacher.

10 Hours of Creating Something Useful

With personalized 1-to-1 support and a vast library of mindfulness teaching resources, I’ll help you create a mindfulness project that you can use in the real world.

Self-record 10 hours doing this at your own pace. Examples include:

  • creating a course, coaching program, or class series
  • practice relating mindfulness to performance, anxiety, depression, emotional intelligence, etc.
  • producing mindfulness videos, audio or ebooks
  • facilitating mindfulness workshops, keynotes or professional consulting programs

“Sean is the absolute gold standard for mindfulness training and coaching. He’s been trained as a monk in the traditional teachings and methods of the Buddha, and he’s also worked in corporate settings while raising a family. In other words, he has tremendous depth and breadth.

He is also very very kind, with bone-deep integrity, excellent communication and teaching skills, inclusive open-minded awareness, and a sweetly supportive manner. He really is the best, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

New York Times bestselling author of Reslience, Buddha’s Brain and Hardwiring Happiness


Sean Fargo

Sean Fargo has taught more than 300 people around the world how to teach mindfulness meditation with integrity, confidence and credibility. With his successful consulting and training background, he specializes in bringing mindfulness to healthcare, corporate, and education environments. 

He is the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, a former Buddhist monk of more than two years, a former coordinator at Spirit Rock Meditation Center for Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, a Certified Instructor for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (the mindfulness program born at Google), and a Certified Integral Coach (from New Ventures West). 

Sean blends a combination of depth and practicality to his mindfulness teachings, providing the best evidence-based practices in a way that is relevant and accessible for each person or group. 

mindfulness certification

Sean has keen insight into helping balance intense work situations and transitions with mindfulness, to help guide with different coaching techniques and tools. 

Sean’s thoughtfulness in asking the right questions and thought starters to develop the right program to fit specific needs is extremely helpful.

Diane Neal -
CEO, Sur la Table

online mindfulness program

Sean is an extraordinary human being and brings all of his resources to the work he does.

He is hard working, passionate, caring, and clear seeing, and brings a graceful precision to his work.

I highly recommend him.

Dr. Shauna Shapiro - Mindfulness Researcher, Author & Teacher

mindfulness teacher certification

The difference in working with Sean is that he really makes himself available for the 1-on-1, individualized work that I felt I needed, and I got out of it exactly what I had hoped for.

I highly recommend this certification program to anyone who is interested in teaching mindfulness - or who is already teaching - or even to enhance your own mindfulness practice. 

Laurie Giannola -
LCSW, Kaiser Permanente 

The world needs more certified mindfulness teachers.

Millions of people are struggling with increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, grief and trauma. Attention spans are decreasing, while judgments are rising.

Fortunately, mindfulness is entering the mainstream of our culture, but people don't know how to find certified teachers. We're lacking certified mindfulness teachers to share these powerful practices in companies, healthcare facilities, yoga studios, coaching environments, schools, online programs, and a growing list of places around the world.

This affordable and efficient certification program has helped more than 350 people to:

  • introduce mindfulness in a clear, simple way so that anyone can understand it
  • explain the benefits of mindfulness that are most relevant for each audience, participant or client
  • revamp their careers with added certified training
  • clarify their 'who, what, where, when and why' for teaching mindfulness
  • deepen their own experiential understanding of mindfulness in meditation and daily life
  • price, market and sell a variety of mindfulness-related services and product packages
  • connect with other mindfulness teachers around the world
  • tailor mindfulness teachings for their target niche, demographic or sector
  • help others who are struggling to feel safe, content and connected
  • certify at their own pace, on their own time, without travel, pressure or deadlines
  • teach mindfulness in their own style, rather than being forced to teach a cookie-cutter program
  • receive custom support based on their personal background, circumstances and goals
  • teach mindfulness with heart and genuine care, rather than with a dry analytical approach
  • teach mindfulness with heart and genuine care, rather than with a dry analytical approach
  • gain certified credibility to teach mindfulness in professional settings

If you think this program may be a good fit for you, I would be honored to welcome you! 

Regardless, thank you for your interest in helping others with mindfulness. I appreciate you.

With gratitude,


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"I was always grateful to work with Sean Fargo when he was at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. I find him an unusual combination of great emotional intelligence and the diligence and perseverance to get any job done. His caring and kindness are exemplary, as is his clarity and awareness."

Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg

World-Renowned Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

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My Guarantee - I guarantee to provide you with all of the tools, personalized training, and heartfelt encouragement you need to make a positive impact on others with mindfulness. If you are sincere about helping others learn mindfulness, I would be honored to welcome you to this program! - Sean Fargo