When I first started teaching mindfulness and meditation, I struggled, I made mistakes, and I had blind spots — I didn’t even know what I was doing wrong.

And it was access to experienced, kind, and generous mentors that helped me find these blind spots... that helped me establish the correct mindsets and focus... that helped me correct my mistakes... and set the right expectations and intentions.

And this help I received from my mentors MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

That’s why, in this program, I’m committed to being the same kind of mentor for you.

So when you join my Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program, you get direct access to me, Sean Fargo.

Every week, we have scheduled calls where all members can participate. You’ll have plenty of time to speak to me directly, one-on-one... so you can get all your questions answered and get my personalized coaching on any specific aspect or area of your mindfulness teaching.

You’ll also get a chance to interact with other mindfulness teachers from around the world, if you like.

On these calls, we’ll also review mindfulness teaching fundamentals for a variety of professional contexts — like corporations, schools, healing, coaching, movement, — and we’ll practice a variety of meditations together, and we’ll encourage each other along the way.

NOTE: These weekly calls are OPTIONAL..

They’re also stress-free, pressure-free, and dogma-free.

You’re welcome to attend the call and just listen if you like... or you can participate as much as you like.

Most of these calls are also recorded and made available in the private Member's Area. As a member of this program, you get lifetime access to these recordings.

Normally to get access to a teacher like this would easily cost you $7,000 to $10,000 — but in my Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program you won't pay anywhere near that.

Because I want you to have access to a mentor who has been where you are now...

A mentor who can help you correct your mistakes... find the right things to focus on... establish the right mindsets, expectations and intentions... and ultimately, teach mindfulness and meditation with confidence and competency...

...so you can actually help people improve their lives and be happier.