To begin this Mindfulness Exercise on Intention Statements, please bring kind awareness to

– why you chose this topic
– how your belly, chest, and head each feel when you reflect on this topic
– the emotions that you can associate with these visceral feelings
– the positive or negative impact of any stories you believe in regarding this topic
– the consoling/humbling/inspiring fact that many others are feeling similarly about this topic as you
– how you will feel with increased awareness around this topic
– when you can apply increased mindfulness to this topic in your day-to-day life

Here is your online worksheet:

This 30 Days of Gratitude practice is a gratitude challenge that helps us to witness our blessings for thirty days consecutively. It is a Ramadan challenge, though it can be used by anyone (and tailored accordingly) regardless of our faith. Gratitude is a practice that each one of us can consciously cultivate irrespective of what we believe in.

How to Complete the Gratitude Challenge

This challenge is simple, and it doesn’t require us to invest great amounts of time in order to complete it. It simply invites us to consider one question each day that directs us towards thoughts of appreciation. Examples of questions we are invited to reflect upon and write about include:

  • What about your body are you grateful for?
  • What season are you grateful for?
  • What challenge are you grateful for?
  • What role model are you grateful for?
  • What talent are you grateful for?

Each day, you are encouraged to complete one question. At the end of the 30 days, read through all that you’ve written down. Notice how it feels to reflect back on your expressions of appreciation.

The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

This 30 Days of Gratitude Ramadan Challenge is much like a daily journal. If you have a journal, you can write your answers down there rather than in the worksheet. In any case, writing down your reflections makes it easier to reflect back upon them. This reflection is what reinforces the energy that gratitude holds.

Beyond these 30 days, a gratitude journal can become a part of your daily routine. Written in the morning, this type of gratitude practice can help you to feel more positive about your life and the day ahead. At night, gratitude journaling can help to ease stress and improve sleep. And if you feel called to it, you can consider writing both morning and night – or even at points in-between dawn and dusk.

You can also deepen your gratitude practice by studying the power of this important virtue. Find more information on the course here.

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