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Being In Nature With Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle describes the reciprocal transformation that can unfold when we truly commune with nature. This video features the music of Nawang Khechog as found on the album “Music As

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What Forgiveness Means

The acclaimed teacher and author explains that forgiveness isn’t quick, easy, or sentimental. But it’s invaluable for your own well-being. Instance 1 50 Guided AudioMeditations  Effective

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Panic Attacks

Psychotherapy throws important light on what causes panic attacks. Often there’s a desire to sabotage one’s performance in order to remain loyal to something or someone in one’s past.

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4 Steps to Becoming a Role Model

How to be a role model: 1. Be there fully for people. Be emotionally present and available to others. This is the opposite of looking at your phone or thinking of other things when people speak

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Tibetan Healing Sounds: Monk Singing Bowls

Tibetan Healing Sounds: Monk Chant Music Mantra with Tibetan Singing Bowls. Relaxing background sounds for meditation. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION! This is a cambodian buddhist chanting recorded

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9 Hours Sleep Music

A calming long instrumental to beat insomnia, soothing sleep music for meditation and relaxation of the mind and body. Instance 1 50 Guided AudioMeditations  Effective for reducing stress,

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Solar Plexus Activation & Healing, Kundalini Sleep Music

The 6th Ray of “Devotion” governs this chakra. This chakra symbol connects us with the energy to “act” and is the seat of self-esteem and expressing our personal power. Our relationship

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Meditation For Stress & Anxiety Relief

A ten minute guided meditation for stress and anxiety release.Shot at the Xanadu Villa in Cap Estate, St. Lucia. Overlooking Pigeon Island National Park. The wonders and power of taking the

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